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Site Supervisor

The Site Supervisor is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of a project under construction. Usually from a trade background, the Site Supervisor has strong management skills and is able to oversee all tradesmen on site.

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Kapitol Group Co-Founders

Andrew Deveson and David Caputo talk about their business, their team and who they look for to join them.

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Site Supervisor Job Description

Site Supervisors work closely with Project Managers and other key personnel to ensure projects are delivered within budget and time constraints. They must be aware of and deliver key project milestones and constantly compare progress against the programming of works to maintain the schedule.

Knowledge that Site Supervisors should possess extends to Occupational Health and Safety legislation as well as an understanding of building codes and quality assurance methods.

Site Supervisors are responsible for providing leadership and direction to teams working on site, and must be able to oversee their work to ensure productivity standards are met. They must also ensure that the project site is safe at all times, including the adherence to safety expectations by all personnel on site.

Additional skills necessary for the role of Site Supervisor include communication, problem solving, time management and initiative. Candidates should possess a strong work ethic and demonstrate the company’s values at all times.

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