About Conecta

A smarter way of connecting candidates and employers

Conecta is shaking up the recruitment industry. Intelligently matching candidates with companies in construction and engineering.

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Cutting out the middleman

We want to make recruitment as cost-effective and hassle-free as possible, while creating communities and employment opportunities that will last a lifetime.

While recruiters serve an important function, they can sometimes misrepresent companies or match candidates to the wrong roles.

Conecta aims to connect candidates and employers who make a perfect-fit, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional recruiter.

The four guiding pillars of Conecta

Say goodbye to complicated processes, multiple tools and even recruiters. Simplify your hiring experiences while collecting all the data you need to optimise for future growth of your team.


Automate your communications with candidates and save yourself hours of precious time.

Industry Knowledge

With years of experience, Conecta staff are always on hand to help with your specific hiring needs.

People First

Cut out the middleman and save thousands on inefficient and ineffective recruiters.

Community Building

Make connections with warm candidates who will be ripe for the picking when new jobs arise.

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Our Team

Matt Love


Matt has worked in construction recruitment for ten years, developing valuable industry connections and fine-tuning his skills of pairing people with the right opportunities. Matt is a people person with a passion for making strong connections. He’s passionate about helping to build stronger companies by finding the the right person who will thrive in their position.

Spending ten years in recruitment, he found that the industry wasn’t evolving to meet the complex needs of the job climate. He saw that the end-to-end job-search and hiring process could be so much more effective if we approached the job search and hiring process with more innovative technology. This inkling quickly transformed into the cutting-edge jobs platform, Conecta.

His goal was to disrupt the tired recruitment industry with something different, something revolutionary. Matt has poured his extensive insight about construction recruitment into this
industry-tailored platform.


Tracey Rojko


Tracey heads up Conecta Marketing & PR and brings her personal values of ‘people first’ to every aspect of Conecta’s message. Tracey has more than 25 years experience in management, client relationships, mentoring and sales & marketing, within multi-national corporations such as MWT Institute, Nestle & Coca-Cola Amatil.

Tracey is very passionate about ‘training the mind’ to build strong foundations of self-confidence, job satisfaction, happiness in the workplace, career growth and ultimately life fulfilment.
She joins Matt in disrupting the often arduous, out-dated job search & hiring process and instead makes finding stable employment streamlined, honest, transparent and simply just a nicer experience for both job seeker & employer.